Saturday, January 28, 2006

Baby Not on Board: A Celebration of Life Without Kids

Baby Not on Board

Do you think minivans are for losers?
Do you secretly believe all babies look like squooshed worms?
Do you actively avoid eating at establishments offering complimentary crayons?
Does the thought of giving birth make you reach for the nearest martini?
Do you ever wonder - Why have kids when I could just have fun?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're ready for the wonderful world of unparenting. In Baby Not on Board (Chronicle Books), author and humorist Jennifer L. Shawne reveals what you can expect when you're not expecting, offering advice, wisdom, and support on topics ranging from throwing yourself an unbaby shower, coping with dreaded OPCs (other people's children), finding appropriate child substitutes for those innevitable weak moments, plus plenty of reasons why your life is perfect just the way it is.Sure, having a baby is great, but NOT having a baby is really great.

Congratulations and welcome to your fabulous childfree lifestyle.

Fuji FinePix F700 6.2MP Digital Camera

Fuji FinePix F700 6.2MP Digital Camera with Photo Dock

Step into the realm of digital photography with the Fuji FinePix F700. Boasting a sharp 6.2-megapixel resolution, the F700 features a 3x optical zoom along with a 2x digital zoom to capture fine details even from a distance. The included picture cradle makes it easy to download your images and charge your camera. icon

Larry from Sacramento, Ca USA - "Love mine too, had it 2 years now, very clear fotos, easy download. Fuji rules!"

Dom Perignon Vintage 1998

Dom Perignon 1998 with Gift Box

The year featured two unusual and contrasting weather related events: Record high temperatures in August followed by exceptional rainfall in the first half of September. Patience prevailed at harvest and was rewarded by a period of miraculously good weather resulting in healthy, especially well-ripened grapes.
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Wired Winos

Sam's Wines & Spirits, Chicago, Illinois
Fred Rosen and of his two sons, Darryl & Brian, and the best staff in the industry, have built this family business into the single leading beverage retailer in the world. Success was accomplished by excelling in service, knowledge, selection, and price. Sam’s has always put the customer first. Their staff is world renown for their expertise. Whether it’s a First Growth Bordeaux bought on Futures or a Chilean table wine bought for a BBQ, Sam’s prices can’t be beat.

Check out their entertaining and informative wine blog...

A Damn Good Cup 'O Joe

Intelligentsia Coffee, Chicago, Illinois
The taste on Geoff Watts' tongue was chocolate with a hint of tangerine, very sweet with a full body and "nice acidity." In other words, delicious. He surveyed the two dozen work-calloused men and women around him and wondered who had put those flavors in the coffee he sniffed, sipped and rated on his clipboard that morning as if it were fine wine...